Our Approach

Using a range of technology, tools and documentation we can locate and map out underground pipes and cables for our clients. Scroll down to see some of the tools we use to help us find this information.

Approach Group - Our Approach

Radiodetection RD8200 pipe & cable locator

Using a Radiodetection RD8200 pipe & cable locator allows us to trace conductive pipes and cables. We do this by directly connecting to them, clamping around them or by putting a signal into the ground (known as spillage) with the transmitter and then locating that signal and determining its location and depth using the receiver.

Approach Group - Radiodetection RD8200 pipe & cable locator


Using a GSSI GPR allows us to scan the ground on a range of different surfaces. This also allows us to look at the ground for different objects as well as changes in ground conditions. This helps us look for conductive and non-conductive pipes, voids and wet areas as well as tanks and footings.

Approach Group - GSSI GPR

Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig gives us a guide from asset owners, as to what services they own and where they might be located. We order a dial before you dig documentation prior to every job so that we have an understanding of what is in the ground in a certain area. It is then our responsibility to find these services so that our clients have a clear understanding of where they are.

Approach Group - Dial Before You Dig